Friday 20 March 2020

Inspiration & Leadership in times of disruption

To everybody:

First of all I hope you and your families / loved ones are well! Health has become a top-most priority just in these days around the world.

We are currently experiencing a previously unthinkable major disruption of our daily lives all around the world. I guess we are all still trying to grasp the magnitude of what is happening – and we do it through a mix of anxiety, fear, activism, ignorance, slow-down, rejection, anger, acceptance etc…, each in his/her own way. We are in a crisis.

The Chinese characters for the word “CRISIS” mean “a point where things happen, change“. In the Western world, is it often said to mean “danger” and “opportunity” at the same time.

After being overloaded with a lot of negative information through media channels, I have found an inspiring article by Matthias Horx, leader of the “Zukunftsinstitut” (Institute of the Future). It is really worthwhile taking the time to read and reflect:

Take a moment to reflect for yourself: Which inner parts are critical about the exposed ideas? And which parts react positively towards them?  How do you personally want to behave and shape the time to come during and after Corona? And what type of behavior do you notice around you?

In this line, revisiting and adjusting your own value system is a very solid and also confident way looking forward. I personally have gone back to my own values several times during the past weeks.

The question is how we deal with the disruption in times of personal and economic worries.

I see this also as a chance for mindfully continuing to develop and practice (SELF-)LEADERSHIP.
How can I / we use the (forced) time-out to grow as a person, as a leader, as an organization and as a society?  

Here are some practical ideas on what to do (I make reference to the U-Theory of Otto Scharmer):

Level 1: MICRO (personal)
- Becoming aware and taking care of own emotional state, allowing for fear, anxiety, concern without getting overwhelmed
- Boosting own immune system: vitamins C, D, B12; healthy eating of fresh food; resting; fresh air (where possible); exercise
- Establishing a good daily routine of self-care: balance of working and resting time; attending your personal needs
- Accept the invitation to slow down
- Reducing stress by e.g. limiting news consumption, making case scenarios
- Using the time for new activities: reading a book; writing; mindfulness practice; creative activities
- Foster self-responsibility 

Level 2: MESO (family, work team)
- Allowing for time to exchange concerns, fears as well as opportunities, lookout
- Physical distancing while emotionally connecting
- Using virtual means to create proximity, understanding and care
- Being understanding and helping each other
- Using the time to create stronger bonding
- Discover new talents
- Foster group-responsibility

Level 3: MACRO (company / organization / community)
- Relying on existing set of values, connection and bonding
- Evaluating company habits and strategies
- Co-create on coping strategies, new ideas, re-adjusting for the future
- Prepare for the (new) situation after Corona
- Give trust for self-organization
- Strengthen the emotional bonding to clients, customers, providers, partners
- Foster organizational responsibility

Level 4: MUNDO (society)
- Help and support your neighborhood / community
- Live your own values in society: walk the talk
- Share best practices on a global level
- Actively shape the new world after Corona
- Foster global social responsibilities

Feel free to share these thoughts with people in your surroundings. It is now up to all of us, each individual, how we shape the time during and after Corona.

Above all stay healthy and take good care of yourself and your loved ones.

With warm regards,



Andreas Hauser  MBA

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