Sunday, 2 September 2012

Destinations: Morocco


Morocco is a top travel destination in the Arab World. The country, which calls itself "Al Maghrib" (country in the West), has numerous cultural heritage sites, beautiful landscape and charming people to offer. 

One of the gems is the walled town of Essaouira, located at the Atlantic coast. A former fortress of the Portuguese, it posseses today an enchanting atmosphere of traditional souks, modern art galleries and the not-to-be-missed fish market! 

Here are some impression – may they inspire you for your next holiday choice!  :-) 

The ferocious past is still alive

Dawn over the rooftops of Essaouira

Breakfast by the beach :-)

A more human breakfast...

Daily life in the souks

Colorful handicraft on display

A tourist group as the local attraction

Ambitious - as a vegetarian I have not tried!

Busy street life

A truly mesmerizing place: Essaouira !

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