Thursday, 24 November 2011

Destinations: Munich

Tollwood Winter Festival
is back!

Christmas markets are a big drawer in the winter season and possibly one of the most enchanting ones is the Tollwood Winter Festival in Munich! 

From yesterday until the 23rd of December, the "market of ideas" is displaying international and intercultural fusion: handicraft, food & drinks, Christmas presents, shows, music and lots of interesting people bring the largest European organic festival to life. 

Held on Theresienwiese right in the center of Munich, it is a prime place for having your Glühwein so make sure you don't miss it... 

Here are some impressions from the opening day: 

Entrance to the Tollwood Winter Festival

Checking out the Christmas decoration

 Powerful artistic light impressions

 This is the GOOD Glühwein!

Marzipan -- no wonder it's a German word...

 Inside the food tent

 No Jägermeister -- just ham!

 Almrausch on a cold winter day -- GREAT!

Enjoy and have fun!!!

Andreas Hauser
Management Consultant | Intercultural Trainer | University Lecturer

Monday, 7 November 2011

Social Media Networking

Being present online: 
Blessing or course?

Today's requirements for international managers as well as intercultural trainers are manifold. In our globalised world, this applies also to the individual presentation and networking. 

Online tools such as social media can be a good way to attract clients but also to stay in touch with colleagues and participants. However, they require some knowledge, willingness and time to interact it certainly is an investment. But does it pay off? 

The recent SIETAR Europe conference in Krakow chose tools for virtual communication and the use of social media as a key topic. The opinions could not have been more diverse: while some see international managers with an insufficient online presence as "dinosaurs", while others deliberately decided to delete their social media accounts. Where is the line? 

The online medium is for me a rather natural way to present myself both on a professional and a personal basis. My first website went online in 2004, alongside with the start of my own consulting business in tourism planning and development: rudimentary but there. 

During our time of living in Damaskus/Syria, I started my first weblog in 2005. Still online today, it recaptures our intercultural experiences while living and working in the Middle East. 

2007 saw the opening of this current blog LifeforThought as well as the start of my new website related to the opening of my business as an intercultural management trainer. 

And after that of course came the time of social media. Xing was first (as a good German sticking to the German inventions), then came facebook, then LinkedIn. What I am finding particularly useful is some kind of a strategy how to use which network. 

Xing is for a me a good network for my (largely) German contacts, although I do not use it actively in search for clients or colleagues:

Xing profile Andreas Hauser

facebook for me is a great way of mixing professional with personal contacts like keeping in touch with former training participants and following their footprints around the world:

facebook profile Andreas Hauser

LinkedIn finally is the international professional network that I use – passively, but as a good way to keep the contacts intact over distances: 

LinkedIn profile Andreas Hauser

So what good does my social media presence do me? First of all, I enjoy it, being connected. Second, I stay in touch with people I care and are interested in. And thirdly, it gives me exposure and presence in the professional context. 

So apart from indirect implications, it is hard to show any specific or economic benefits. But when seeing it from a systemic approach, it somehow goes hand in hand... and as long as I enjoy what I am doing it feels like a good way, MY way...!  :-) 

Andreas Hauser
Management Consultant | Intercultural Trainer | University Lecturer

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Destinationen: Ammersee im Herbst

Nebel am ersten November

Nur weniges kann schöner sein als ein Morgenspaziergang am Ammersee da fühlt sich selbst ein Nebeltag wie ein Jungbrunnen an! 

Ein paar Herbstimpressionen von heute Morgen habe ich eingefangen und poste sie nun vom warmen Zuhause, mit einer Tasse dampfig-heißen Tees neben mir...

Schönen Feiertag! 

Spazierwiese in Stegen am Ammersee

Bootshäuser im Morgennebel

Klare Wegweiser

 Impressionen vom Boots-Winterlager


Ordnung muss sein auch für Hunde!

Was ist bitte hier passiert?!

Schimmerndes Buchenlaub

Abenteuerweg am Ufer

Steg im Morgennebel

Und gerade jetzt spitzt die Sonne durch den Nebel..... :-)

Andreas Hauser
Management Consultant | Intercultural Trainer | University Lecturer