Saturday, 24 March 2012

Destination: Tunis

Shopping Saturday
in Tunis

A Saturday in Tunis is always a busy day – especially in and around the Medina. 

I took a walk today and caught some intercultural impressions to enjoy!

Busy street in the souq of Tunis

 Main food ingredient

 Fresh OJ, anyone?

This is for meat lovers

Making shoe laces colorful

Young seller of glasses and footballs

Standing above all: Mosque Zeituna

 Shop for shishas and accessoires

Best viewed is all this from a café front row...:-)

Andreas Hauser
Management Consultant | Intercultural Trainer | University Lecturer

Monday, 19 March 2012

Dubai / United Arab Emirates

Intercultural Impressions
from Dubai / UAE

Dubai is always worth a trip: No matter whether you enjoy the city or you find it too artificial, it never fails to impress...

Here are some impressions from my recent trip to this business and tourism hub, and as always there are so many intercultural pecularities to take note of... Enjoy!

Regular street signs:
What is the connection between the two...?

Al Jahili Fort in Al Ain -
rebuilt by a German company!

Simply amazing and beautiful:
Burj Khalifa with 828 m

My name is everywhere!

Oasis heritage still alive in Al Ain

Possibly my best desert picture...

Morning desert impression at Bab al Shams

Colorful waffle - is it a German flag??

Aquarium at the Dubai Mall

And here it is, probably the best picture showing the daily reality of Dubai and the Gulf States... it is not my picture, but was taken by a former participant now living in Dubai... take a look and let it sink for a while....

Strange, isn't it? Did you get it? Well, if not, here is the clue: What was the original assignment to the guy who painted it, what was he told to do...? 


Andreas Hauser
Management Consultant | Intercultural Trainer | University Lecturer