Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Destinations: Puebla / Mexico

Intercultural Impressions: 
Puebla / Mexico

My Latin America trip in January 2014 led me to the City of Angels (Angelópolis) -- Puebla, a truly mesmerizing city in the highland of Mexico. Its city center is UNESCO world heritage sites, the colonial buildings colorful and the food world famous. 

Here are some of my impressions - enjoy and share!

National Park Izta-Popo: steaming hot

Colonial Puebla

Street view -- simply beautiful

One of the many churches of the city

The central plaza 'Zócalo' at dusk

Lovely street of my hotel Mesón Sacristía

Great food: mole poblano (chocolate-chile paste)

Museo Amparo: Lunch with a view

Beautifully designed gesture, isn't it?

Puebla -- home of the Volkswagen VOCHO

Street life in the pedestrian zone


German sweets are always welcome

Night view from Angelopolis mall

Finally found the Mexico puzzles for my trainings!!!

I just looove the colors!

Chile stall

Visiting the national railway museum

"Come in it's OPEN" -- wtf...???

Street art in a central park

Still life: tradition and modernity

Handicraft market at night

Quality label 'estilo Munich' :-) 

Beautiful buildings at night

Mole poblano - a must-try and take home

Open air art

Colorful and lively


The balloons from before - now on the move!

Applied culture and heritage

Celebrating Day of the Dead

Last lunch - with cactus (nopal)!

What a great stay in an amazing city!!!

Puebla is simply mesmerizing and I so much enjoyed the mix of the colonial heritage with with with daily Mexican life an absolute recommendation for anyone who cherishes travelling: 

Andreas Hauser

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Destination: Puebla

Mesón Sacristía de la Compañía
A Unique Colonial Hotel Experience

The Mexican city of Puebla already has so much to offer: colonial heritage, street life, natural beauty, great cuisine and amazingly lovely people. 

Yet there is one more thing that made my visit to Puebla truly memorable: I stayed in one of the nicest hotels of my travel career (and after 90 countries, I have a certain level of experiences...)! 

The Mesón Sacristía is located in walking distance to the main square of Puebla, in a laid-back part of town with beautiful small-style houses and lots of antique shops. My choice was conincidental - and I was amazed of the decor and the atmosphere provided in the hotel. 

Street view of the Mesón Sacristía

Bienvenidos a la casa!

Colorful courtyard view

The suite no. 1

Lovely atmosphere inside

The bathroom with beautiful tiles

View across the rooms

Peek into the courtyards

Lovely and romantic bed

Peculiar style -- I like!

Mole poblano - great food in the restaurant

Street view at daytime...

... and during the night - just amazing!

Here is the website -- they are about to open up yet another location with equally beautiful but different design. Don't miss it when you are in Puebla, for food and for a great experience!


And if you head for any other part of Mexico, you might wann check for great boutique hotel alternatives: 


Andreas Hauser

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Destinations: Mexico City D. F.

Intercultural Impressions: 
Mexico City, D.F.

One of the great metropolises on this planet, the capital of Mexico D. F. as short for Distrito Federal combines all elements of human interaction: living and working, moving and standstill, eating and drinking, seeing and being seen.

Despite the vast loudness the city can produce, I always enjoy being there having found the urban islands that connect me to the city and its culture. 

Enjoy some impressions from my recent visit: 

On my way to Mexico: Pico de Orizaba (5.636 m)

Evening view of Mexico City from terrasse top

First taste of Mexican beer

Great interior design at Villa Maria restaurant

Great Mexican food!

Interesting name and combination...

Model of the Aztec city Tenochtitlán (today Mexico City)

The great Aztec sun or workshop wheel

Tula statue at the Anthropology Museum

Death is celebrated differently in Mexico!

Great treat: mango with chile!

Or prefer some ice cream?

What a beautiful art form!

Meeting former participants become friends from León

New highrises along Avenida Reforma

Culture meets modernity

The angel at dusk

Earthquake precautions

Street scene on a regular Tuesday morning

One my way to Puebla past the volcanoes

I truly do enjoy the lively metropolis of Mexico and if you feel like going there one day, be inspired and get some more information: 


Andreas Hauser

Consultant Trainer Coach
International Management & Leadership