Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Destinations: Dublin

The Irish Capital: 
Well Worth a Trip

So close, yet so far: After having visited more than 80 countries, I finally made it to Ireland – for the very first time in my life! 

And what I found really convinced me: a great, lively city with lots of enchanting corners, marvelous eateries and great people – I will definitely go back soon! 

Meanwhile, here are some intercultural impressions from Dublin – enjoy! 

A trip to Ireland has to start with a GUINNESS !

The famous Temple Bar district

Wonderful tea and cake in the afternoon

Irish national flag and language

Great architecture all around the city

Characteristic yellow doubledecker buses

The central column -- still don't know the deeper meaning!

The famous "International Bar" at night

A mixture of traditional and modern in the center

My personal favourite:
The Irish Squirrel Survey 2007... :-)

Inspired? Here is more information!

Weblink:  Dublin Tourism

Andreas Hauser
Management Consultant | Intercultural Trainer | University Lecturer

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